About Me

Developing a good eye for design takes years. Having a good taste comes naturally.

I’m obsessed with details. A perfectionist, you might say. I like making things look good and work well at the same time.

I’m Venice Rempillo, a dedicated designer based in the Philippines with a wide range of experience in Graphic Design for Print, Web Design, Logo & Identity, and Mobile User Interface Design. I have worked with various clients around the world as a Freelance Designer. Currently, I work as a Design Director/Design Manager for an Australian Web Design Firm that specializes for Market Leaders.

After several years of exposure in the design industry, I have grown into someone enthused about making an impact by inspiring others to keep getting better. Learning is a two-way street, a never ending process. That’s what I love about my craft and life in general.

I have had a vast appreciation for the arts since childhood. Every once in a while, I play around with my pen, brushes, and paints. They are the gateway to my overwhelming thoughts.

Music and film are also two major things I enjoy. I mostly go to live shows and film festivals where I feel alive. On lazy weekends, I’m a geek seeking new alternative music and independent movies.

My leisure moments are spent daydreaming, traveling, taking random photographs, spending afternoons at coffee shops, and indulging in tacos and gelato.

I dream big, work hard, and keep my feet on the ground.

Apart from being a professional designer, I aspire to become a music supervisor and cinematographer. I would love to make a living where music and film meet somewhere in between.

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